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Our services assist nations, states, municipalities and businesses with resources and
planning tools for reacting to emergency situations ranging from terrorism and tsunamis,
earthquakes, chemical spills, and nuclear incidents to fire, floods, gas leaks, bomb and
arson threats, criminal threats, and missing children.  

ASI's warning and alert message services are delivered using digital broadcast networks.
Our digital broadcast method includes using the global cellular telephone networks.  Our
‘Cell casting’ technology geo-targets the delivery of  critical messages to handsets,
personal digital assistants, and fixed warning devices.  This new ‘last mile’ delivery method  
ensures that there are no disenfranchised constituencies when it comes to Emergency
Warning, regardless of whether individuals have subscribed cellular services or not.

In a time of crisis people need to know what to do.  In cases of severe weather, chemical
spills or gas leaks people need to know first that they are in danger and second, what they
should do?...Should they leave?…Should they stay in place and shelter?... Is there
imminent danger?

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